About Vertigo


Company Overview

Vertigo Energy (PTY) LTD t/a Vertigo Petroleum, is a knowledge driven licensed B-BBEE Wholesale Petroleum Company. The Directors of Vertigo saw an opportunity as being a petroleum wholesaler as identified on the White Paper for Energy, which outlined the Governments key policy objective as the need to achieve “sustainable presence”, ownership or control by Historical Disadvantaged South Africans of approximately a quarter of all facets of the liquid fuels industry.


Vertigo Petroleum has a formidable ownership of professionals who have a wealth of entrepreneurial skills and previous retail experience that ultimately drives the success of this company. Vertigo Petroleum has a strategic marketing process and has built a customer base which we service as a brokering enterprise which sources its products from different mainstream suppliers, and which have allocations with most major oil companies in South Africa. These products are readily available through the SA national grid at the depots of various Oil Company brands scattered across the cities and major towns in South Africa. The transportation of our products is done by way of our own fleet and reliable third party fuel transportation companies, who are skilled in this application and are recommended by our fuel suppliers.  


Sustainable Development

Vertigo Energy, is a modern knowledge driven company, and the na­ture of its prevailing business activities is such that it requires special and con­stant attention that will ensure a healthy, secure, and safe environment. For that reason, we develop plain and strict principles and standards, application of new clean technologies and partner relationships with interested parties. Transparency of our business activ­ities, confidence in partnership, and investment into employee safety, health and development, responsible relation to environmental protec­tion, investments into society and its demands and values, all form the backbone of the sustainable development principle we apply.


Corporate Management

At Vertigo Energy we strive to achieve our goals and apply the most demanding standards in all business areas. A high level of cor­porate management is very significant in order to ensure protection of shareholders’ interests, successful business operations, maintaining of the market position and con­tributing to the overall social development.

Vertigo Energy has adopted the Corporate Management Code of the Company which comprises its own principles of corporate management. The objective of the Code is to introduce approved business customs that should ensure a balanced influence of their carri­ers, consistency of the control system, and strengthening of shareholders’ and inves­tors’ trust in order to provide a long-term business development of the Company.

Engineer in Factory

Distinctive Contribution

Our quest for service excellence, innovative solutions, supported by highly trained staff, is intended to set us apart from other service providers in the field.  This commitment is also intended to encourage our competitors to reach new heights of raised service levels in the industry.

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

B-BBEE is about promoting the achievement of the constitutional right to equality, increase broad-based and effective participation of HDSAs in the economy and promotes a higher growth rate, increased employment and more equitable income distribution. Vertigo Petroleum as a proud South African Energy company endeavours to translate this and is proud to hold Level 1 BBBEE certification.

Vertigo's Vision

To become a pre-eminent bulk fuel supplier. To be the service provider of choice to our existing customers and future clients by fulfilling our mission of service excellence. Our goal is to expand our customer base to maximum capacity while providing employment opportunities which will contribute to the alleviation of poverty in South Africa. The Company’s mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality products that save time and improve the way people do business.  We believe our first responsibility is to the consumer who uses our products. In carrying out our day-to-day business operations, we strive to:

• treat our employees with fairness and respect, and create an enjoyable working atmosphere that inspires loyalty and dedication

• follow the philosophy that our customers are our first priority, and ensure that all of our personnel are well-trained in providing reliable, timely and efficient customer service

• be considered as a responsible business leader in the community


Company Policies

The Company’s policy implies constant investment into development of our employees and managers, providing possibility for their professional and personal advancement.

Mission - to prosper together with customers, shareholders, and employees, and to contribute to a prosperous society. To provide quality superior service and continuously increase our market share in the petroleum products arena.

Objective - To be a close knit business, creating value for its shareholders, clients and employees through growth and optimisation.

Management Policy - to take up the challenges of innovation and to respond to market needs as a diversified and multi-faceted trading company.

Business Domains - to extend logistics centered operations to support services vital to consumers and industry.


Action Guidelines - to deliver customer satisfaction with creativity, innovation, sincerity and gratitude, and to act in compliance with the law and ethics.

Key Principles

SAFETY: We strive to operate without incidents.

TEAMWORK: We drive cooperative and collective efforts to "delight" our customers.

ACHIEVEMENT: We deliver results through our diverse, competent and talented people.

RESPECT: We value and build mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE:  We strive to exceed customer expectations.

Integrated Management System

Environmental protection is one of the key elements of efficient company management and for this reason we at Vertigo Petroleum have aligned ourselves with an Integrated Management System.